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Our Sustainability Promise

Belo Brasil’s purpose is to inspire travelers through trips that both educate and offer enriching experiences. Our aim is to reach the hearts of our participants and to broaden their horizons, awakening their respect and empathy for different cultures and traditions. We invite our guests to share our commitment to sustainability and care for our natural resources and planet.

Since our first trips in the Amazon, we have developed a strong, supportive relationship with traditional communities and focus on bringing communal and sustainable actions to our trips. Aware of the importance of these initiatives, our travel itineraries support cultural preservation and the protection of susceptible cultures. Our social projects include supporting the community with donations and assisting with the annual maintenance of local schools. We also help aid local folkloric groups and we encourage students to participate in musical groups and fanfares through support and donating instruments.

Devoting special care to the existing structures in these places, we dispose of our own waste in all our expeditions, which are 100% plastic free. Our boats use photovoltaic energy and the heating is provided by solar power. We always work with laborers and suppliers from the region, thus contributing to the local economy’s growth, a fundamental step to sustainable development. We also plant native trees and assist in the construction and maintenance of organic vegetable gardens. Since our inception, each one of our participants plants a tree during their trip, so far we have collectively planted over 20,000 trees.

However, these are not our only seeds… Each year, in partnership with international organizations, we lead student diplomats from around the world on educational tours. Just another step in our mission to make the world a better place.



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